Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a regular day...

I wanted to post a couple pic's from our Woofstock adventure this weekend but then this day happened. I want to say it was an abnormal day, but if I'm completely honest crap like this happens constantly. I always kind of think all my guardian angels held a meeting and were like: "Okay well we wont let anything BAD happen, but let's just totally screw with her on a daily basis!" A normal person's crazy story is something like "Omg, today I saw this crazy homeless guy wearing a pirate hat hit on this poor girl!" and in my story I am that girl. That actually happened today. He called me a pretty lady. 

It was just another normal day in Casa de Crazy. I'm pretty much dead with a stupid cold, channel surfing. Callie's hanging out on the balcony enjoying the sun. Princess Rocket is enjoying the rays from inside on a nice fluffy bed. All of a sudden I see a black ball in the corner of my eye. I turn to see a freaking bird sitting on my windowsill ON THE INSIDE. This took us all by surprise as you might imagine. Did I mention I live on the 6th floor? Not unusual to see birds this high I guess, but big scary Callie (at least to a little bird) was sitting on the balcony! Rocket immediately started trying to jump and get it, only to be blocked by a variety of furniture - this was infuriating to the little Jack Russell. So he barked at it. Callie stood half in, half out of the action. I was trying to usher the bird outside so it would stop banging it's head on the window. We were all failing. Well, maybe not Callie, she was still kind of just observing.

Plan B. I decided things would be a lot easier if Rocket wasn't bouncing around trying to get his tiny jaws on this bird. As I finally manage to grab him the bird decides to fly over into my kitchen, away from the open door. Callie follows it and ends up scaring it into the hallway outside the bathroom. The bird kind of smacked into the wall and fell to the floor. Callie runs over, and I yell at her thinking she's going to eat it. A closer look showed she was kind of poking at the bird with her snout, until it got up and flew into the bathroom. I finally manage to wrestle Rocket into his kennel (forgetting to put on the second lock) and I sprint to grab a towel. In the bathroom I find Cal, sitting, staring into the tub wagging her tail, and a little bird sitting in the tub staring back at her with it's head cocked. I covered it in the towel and gently picked it up. All the while Rocket is screaming at the top of his lungs bouncing around in his kennel. Callie and I make it out on the balcony just as Rock breaks out of the kennel and comes barrelling for the door, which I had the sense to close before hand. I unwrap the bird onto Cal's sun tanning bed and it kind of just stared at us for a second, tweeted, and flew away. 

I'm sure everyone has had a bird stuck in there house at some point, but up in an apartment building I really wasn't expecting it. At least Rocket passed out for awhile from the excitement. 

Oh, and I guess I should mention the fact that I was attacked by two angry red-winged black birds two days ago as I let the dogs out to pee. The female totally smacked me on the head. Attacked by birds one day and expected to save one the next? Someone is screwing with me

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