Saturday, June 18, 2011

Favourite Things!

Heart shaped spot!!

I just noticed that a spot of Rocket's back is in the shape of a heart! What a cutie. It kind of inspired a look into their favourite activities, you know the ones that don't include food.

Callie lllloves laundry. In this pic she's "helping" me fold the still warm laundry. She would stay there all day, or at least till the clothes got cold. She also loves gross dirty towels. I have no idea why, but the moment one falls to the floor on the way to the washer she will roll in it in ecstasy. One time we were looking at apartments and were shown a place where the man was a complete slob. He has moved out a couple weeks before and left a bunch of gross crap laying around. One of those items was a disgusting, smelly old towel. We had taken  Cal on the apartment hunt since it was in a different city and we didn't want her all alone all day. The minute she laid eyes on that towel she was in heaven. And we were forever scarred. 

All smiles!

Callie loves when Ryan comes on walks with us. Look at that happy face! Usually it's because on Ryan's day off I end up dragging him all over to the places we didn't have time to go during the week. This always includes the dogs and generally a trip to a favourite dog park or two. 

Good night!
Rocket loves his blanket. He had this huge, ugly, smelly comforter that he would snuggle under every night. I tossed it out and bought him a smaller blanket, but he has a bit of a hard time getting this one wrapped around him. I like to tuck him in now. At least until I get him a bigger  blanket.

They both love to sun tan! Callie prefers  to sit on the balcony so I started putting the bed out there in the mornings while the sun hits our apartment. Rocket can't imagine having to lay on the floor, so now he joins her out on the bed. Generally Callie is not a dog-on-dog cuddler, but for some reason she puts up with him. As long as he doesn't touch her of course. 

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