Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Weeks In

Callie surveying her (hopefully!) new digs

It's been a busy week! Ryan and I are apartment hunting and it's proven to be a bit ridiculous. We found a perfect apartment, in a perfect part of town but alas, no luck thus far. This building has its own dog play area, dog day care, dog spa, and is across the street from a large park area where all the neighbourhood dogs get together to play after work. Basically city-dog heaven! Oh and of course it has all the amenities for the two-legged family members too. Problem is, the building is brand spanking new so the moment a unit goes on the market 87 people apply for it and boom, its gone.  Very frustrating, but we're working with a great realtor who just lucked out on an apartment in the same building.

Rocket loves it here!
Rocket man is doing well. The pee thing has gotten 99% better. I'd say completely fine but then two nights ago he pee'd in the living room. Although I will admit that anxiety over being bounce home to home seems to be the most likely culprit, I'm still sticking with he was just being a jerk. Example: One day I was petting Callie and Rocket comes running up, trying to squeeze himself in between me and Callie to get attention. I told him no, it was Cal's turn and said what I usually say to get him to calm down, "Rocket, don't be rude." He calmed down all right. He was so calm he walked about 4 feet away and release his bladder on the floor. We had JUST been outside. So yes, I'm going with his problem was out of doggie spite, no matter what you say! That moment was a good one though because I finally caught the little bugger in the act! So, as I held back my laughter (a spiteful dog? That's funny, come on!) I was able to tell him he was bad and send him to his time out bed. And he's only pee'd once since!

Yes Rocket has a time out bed. And yes, it actually works. He's VERY attached to me, and always wants to be right there in the midst of things, so when I make him sit alone in his time out spot after being bad he comes out Lassie good. Like yesterday I was getting ready to take the dogs out for a nice long walk. Rocket caught on once I grabbed the water bowl and started bouncing around the apartment like a ping pong ball on crack. I asked him repeatedly to calm himself down to no avail, so finally I sent him to his bed. I don't lock him in a crate or anything, I just ask him to stay on his bed until I say it's okay. Sure it takes a great deal of consistency, especially with a determined little terrier on your hands, but he's getting the point. I took this new found freedom from my constant shadow to take my time getting ready. I praised Callie for being so calm. I took the time to lace up my shoes for once.  Finally both Callie and I were completely ready, minus our fifteen pound friend that had been burning a hole through my head with his death stares the entire time. I asked him to come. He got up, walked nice and calmly to me, sat down ever so politely until I had his collar on, heeled by my side into the hall, sat down patiently in the elevator and even did a "Ladies first" move as we all left the building. He acted like a perfect gentleman! 

On that walk I even got him to go into the water! Only like an inch or two, but I was so proud of him for trying.

Me attempting to write this blog post.. 
I think Rocket really needs to find his forever home. He's been passed around a lot and I think it's going to get harder and harder on him. He's quite attached to me right now and it happened so fast. So bad so that on walks, if Ryan's walking him, he will refuse to move unless it looks like I'm coming. Last night Ryan and I came home from dinner out and Ryan went to let the dogs out. I went into the apartment while Ry grabbed the leashes and headed into the hall. Rocket barked and barked for me until I stuck my head out and told him to shut the hell up and wait for the elevator to come. He also follows me around constantly. 

My new position as his idol has given me super powers. He listens to me more, he behaves better around me, and most importantly he let`s me pet him wherever I choose. We`ve gotten to the point where his back and belly are fair game, which is good, but I still get a little nervous with strangers. Yesterday, after our walk, I wanted to clean his toes off. After the last toe wiping incident I was a little hesitant to say the least. But he was dirty and I had just washed the floors! I made a whole show out of wiping Callie down. Oh was she ever a good girl! Isn`t being wiped down oh so fun? It helps that Cal absolutely loves it. Then it was Rock's turn. I put the towel on the ground and asked him to come stand on it, thinking that at least if he freaks a little dirt will come off on the towel. I put one hand under his neck - I like to hold him that way when I'm doing things he doesn't like because one: he's little enough I can stop him from turning and snapping (although he's never really tried too hard), and two: I can feel him starting to growl and stop him. I start with his front legs, which he doesn't seem to hate as much. No problem! Easy peasy. His back toes produce the ever so slightest grumble but one "Don't you dare" and he was fine. 


Oh yah, I took a video of him attempting to play catch. His eye to mouth coordination needs some serious work. Just moments before I had managed to get him to at least attempt to catch the ball. It was adorable and I wanted to catch it on camera. Soon as the camera came out he didn't even try! And this was the result:

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