Friday, May 27, 2011

No One Likes Spinach

Love this picture!

Callie is a living, breathing, garbage disposal. She will eat pretty much anything. We've managed to teach her quite a few food manners - she does not eat food found on the ground outside, she spits it out whats in her mouth if we ask, if we say no begging it means no begging, and be gentle with our fingers. Pretty good if you ask me! She generally gets a lot of veggies, usually the scraps from our meals or the leftovers in her dinner on occasion. I'm very careful to pick the healthy options and cut down on her kibble when she has more then just  a snack. Callie could eat prime rib for weeks and still be just as eager to gobble her kibble the next day. 

But she HATES celery. She'll take it from you sure, but then will chew it into itty bitty pieces and leave said pieces all over the damn apartment. She also doesn't like spinach. She'll eat it, mind you, but only as a last resort or if you coat it with a bit of olive oil or chicken broth. So last night I decided to test her out. My usually scavenger of a dog was being picky! The proof:

Just spinach - "ew do I have to?"

Spinach with a bit of sweet potato - "Meh.."

Spinach and steak - *GOBBLE*
And poor Rocket. He has the most ridiculously sensitive stomach. One night I gave them a bit of sweet potato at dinner time and the next day we could barely finish our walk because poor Rocket needed to stop every five seconds. I might have him checked over for any other physical problems because it's a bit ridiculous for two reasons: one, hes ALWAYS hungry. He want's food all the time, and sniffs around outside like I'm starving him. Two, he's now taken to eating grass, which also doesn't sit so well. He's tricky about it too, he walks up like he's going to take a pee and then bam! He mows down some grass. Basically I have to watch him like a hawk.

He seems to handle this one chicken and rice treat that Ryan's parents gave us so he gets one occasionally. He can also eat my homemade liver treats without problem. Mostly I've taken to having a few of his kibbles handy so if Cal gets a piece of cucumber Rocket gets a kibble. Not his favourite alternative but I can't handle his unpredictable bowels!

Poor wee man with tummy troubles

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