Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away!

Rocket with his Daddy watching some TV

It wont stop raining! It's led to a lot of pouting and snuggles inside. I've been planning our walks around brief breaks in the rainfall. All that means is shorter walks and filthy dogs. Good news though! I can wipe Rocket Man down, head to toe, without protest. 

I brushed the two if them out yesterday and I wish I took a picture. The hair, oh the hair! Rocket has that coarse Jack Russell outer coat that manages to wiggle its way deep into your clothes and furniture so your finding it two years after having a Jack around. True story - I babysat my mom's Jack and I swear I was still finding his hair in things before we got Rocket. I have a few dog grooming tools: a regular bristle (meh), a comb (no long haired dogs here!), and a FURMINATOR. My brush of choice is fairly obvious. The furminator is a dream of a brush. It would have freed up so many hours of my childhood if we had one then. Only problem is, it doesn't work as well for the damn Jack hair! It works better then the comb and brush, it's just not as satisfying as it is with a thick double coated dog. Speaking of which...

Callie has one of those soft double coat BUT it doesn't seem to stop shedding no matter what season. Which is incredibly frustrating by the way. When you have a double coated, shepherd like dog  your supposed to deal with only a couple big coat shed's a year. I grew up with a giant Husky and a Akita mix, so I'm used to the two epic fur sheds a year. No big deal. Just sit the dog down and brush the hell out of them until it's manageable. Vacuum a bit more. Easy peasy. 

Not my darling dog. She looks all cute and innocent but under that adorable face is an evil, year-long shedding nightmare. 

Don't be fooled!

The vet even noticed when we were in this winter. No physical problems causing it, she's just an evil doer. The vet thinks once she gets older her coat might start to understand the whole season thing and give me a break. Right now she's loosing her undercoat in her legs and her least favourite part - her butt! In my experience most dogs hate having their butts groomed. I don't blame them really.. When I attempt the unimaginable Cal always turns around to give me that "Are you kidding me? Hells no!" look. 

In a way I kind of don't want Callie to get big dog hair. She`s over two and a half years but still has the super soft puppy like fur. The guard hairs are getting gradually coarser, but she still even smells like puppy. And there`s NOTHING better then puppy smell. 

I took a quick video of the two of them playing. I love how dogs understand they need to change their play styles for size differences. Rocket jumps for her face and neck while Cal just gentle paws him away or flings him with her head. I love watching Cal trying to entice Rocket to play with her. She just takes her paw and smacks him in the head, sometimes holding her paw on his face until he moves it away. Anywho, here's the video:

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