Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rocket's New Mom Visit

Ugh I'm terrible at this blogging thing. I meant to update last week about Rock's first meeting with his new family but I didn't. Wish I could say I got busy but lets be honest, I'm an unemployed bum at the moment and my only excuse is being too lazy to find a new picture of Rocket to put up. So much work!

But yes, Rocket met a woman last the Sunday before last. She was nice, little strange, but nice. She was driving a Volkswagen Beetle with little flower things on the tail lights. I only got a quick look on the inside the car and there was flower crap everywhere. Not to mention a bushel oh fake flowers on the dash. Sorry but that's just plain weird. 

She was nice though. Didn't talk much or ask nearly enough questions but what are you going to do. That just made me fill the awkward silence with non-stop nervous talking. Yay me! We walked around together, her, Rock, Cal, and I. Rocket is pretty darn attached to me and kept trying to walk between me and Callie (his usual walking position) and I could tell it was making his potential new Mama a little discouraged. I asked her to take him out for a little walk without us around and she agreed. Of course Rocket started to bark his head off as we walked away, but he stopped soon as we got out of sight. I made Ryan come down and we grabbed breakfast while they bonded. Finally we all met back up and she had decided she wanted him! We agreed she would talk to the rescue and if all went well (and it did!) she could adopt my little man.

She decided she would like to take him when she had a few days off to just hang out. I kind of wanted to take him to the cottage for the weekend as a nice goodbye. We agreed she'd pick him up this Monday after we got back and just before she went to her own cottage. So she took him away from me Monday, and it's been awfully quiet around here. A nice quiet. Peaceful. And best of all no pee to step in. But I admit, it was a little lonely when I'd stand up and not have him right on my heels. 

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