Monday, July 18, 2011

The heat! It's maddening!

Could someone explain what is wrong with people recently? My only explanation is the heat is making people get all mad and crazy. Whatever it is, I'm over it!

Take a couple days ago. Ryan and I took Cal for a little walk by the water. Being down by the water is nice. The breeze makes everything so much cooler then anywhere else. Since Cal tends to want a little exercise right in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest, the breeze can be a life saver. There's also a little splash pad a little ways down the street.We went for a little walk and hit up the splash pad and were on our way home when a woman comes walking up and says: "You know, it's just too hot out to be walking your POOR dog right now!" As I looked from my soaking wet dog to this busy body of a woman choosing the most polite way to tell her to screw off Ryan thankfully took the high road, told her Callie was fine, and we were on our way. It was hot, yes, but were casually walking on a shaded path, giant water bottle in hand, with a soaking wet, happy dog.

And then a day or so later Callie and I were walking behind a couple and their yellow lab. They were walking kind of slow, taking in the sights, so we were quickly right behind them waiting for a chance to pass by. Callie got a bit closer to smell the yellow lab, and the jingle of her collar made the man turn around in panic. He was suddenly jumping around, pretty much kicking Callie out of the way. The lab hadn't reacted in anyway and Callie isn't one of those in your face sort of dogs so I was a little confused. As we went to walk around Cal turned to look at the lab, who again to the best of my knowledge didn't seem to care less, when the man had the audacity to say "Keep your dog under control!" My dog? My sweet, terrified of pretty much everything, dog? I slowed, I couldn't have heard him right. "Excuse me?" I asked in shock. "My dog doesn't like other dogs and your dog just came right up to him!" he answered. I'm sorry, but isn't that what dogs do? They smell each other, and most the time they can read each other well enough to avoid a fight while walking down a busy street. I was annoyed and thought of all the wonderful things I could have said to this man, but chickened out and just said "Wow. Alright then" and hopped my tone was enough.

And finally yesterday we were walking up to a cross walk, just behind a mother with her young, maybe 5 year old son. As we got closer to the lights I could hear this man yelling and carrying on about the lights and how they wouldn't change. He had been waiting SOOO long, the damn city needs to stop wasting money and fix things that matter. Traffic was thick (another problem for the city apparently), so he couldn't just walk across, to be hit by a car and wait in emergency for hours while he lay there dying. Yet the damn light just wouldn't change. As we got to the light the little boy in front of me walked over and said "It's because you have to hit the button. like the sign says." and he hits the button. All of three seconds later the lights start changing. 

Moral of the story: children always know better and most importantly, mind your own business you know-it-all lady sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Sorry, the heat's getting to me too.

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