Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We only had Tag for a couple weeks. But she was the worst. Well that's not my opinion but my roommates at the time believe she was. To me she was a beautiful husky cross breed who may have inherited hip dysplasia - I'm not a Vet but given the way she ran and played I can only assume - but she was all for having a good time. 

And SO smart. After having Beans for so long (and we still had her) it was refreshing to have a dog who would actually seem to understand what you said. Sure she used her superior knowledge for evil most the time, but I never disliked her for it! My roommates did though, which only made Tag act out more.

I got her from a friend of a friend who had an acquaintance that needed to get rid of her dog because of a family health issue. Before then this women had been travelling from Nunavut to see her mother and back to our town a few times a year and was bringing Tag along but once getting sick herself it was too much. She asked my friend if she could help and low and behold she had just met someone involved with animal rescue.

So I took her. I actually informed my boyfriend and roomies this time. My boyfriend and one roomie may have thought I was joking but that's not really my fault now is it? My best friend, Shannon, also lived with us and was encouraging me so really I shouldn't take all blame. Then again it was Shannon's friend who convinced  me to take Tag so I may have been played. Anyways, I  took Tag in and was given a ridiculous set of instructions. Tag gets let out __times a day. Tag gets __ treats when she goes into her kennel. Tag plays with toys made by __ in the shape of __, __, or __. And my personal favourite.... Tag gets white toast with Cheesewiz before bed each night.

So maybe I'm a terrible foster home. I don't know. I gave the list of demands a big F You and treated her just like I treated Beans. After the first few nights she didn't seem to be distraught so I knew we'd do fine. I think people would be right in thinking that giving Tag her old routine would have helped such a tremendous transition and in many cases I'd agree. But that's just not my style. Cheesewhiz on toast? Seriously?! Ugh. I thought it was a joke. My poor dogs barely get dog treats. Hey, I'm not terrible! They get the odds and ends from the cutting board which is probably way better then processed treats anyways.

Tag settled in just fine. She was great with me and Shannon, a big sweetheart who was the most well behaved dog ever on walks. I'd say Tag was even great with my boyfriend but he always seems to disagree. Sure, he has ABSOLUTELY (yah that's right!) no reason to have dislike her, he did. My other roommate, Steve, on the other hand did. Tag seemed to actually HATE him. Each foster I've since had has occasionally done things like chew shoes, pee in the house, or steal items. Tag only acted out with Steve's things! I've had foster dogs that have taken a liking to my things before but this was different. I had never seen a dog with such actual intent before! She would bypassing everyone's open room and destroy only his stuff. She would pee on his clothes no matter where they were in the house. She'd bark at him like an intruder if he had to go for a midnight bathroom break. And I really believe she was doing it to get on his nerves. He never really tried with her like he did with other dogs or future dogs. And she didn't with him. It's like they both  knew they weren't compatible .


Finally, after a few death threats from Steve, we had good applicants for adoption. They were cute, young couple with good jobs who wanted someone furry to experience life with. After a long meeting they decided they liked her - even with my mention of possible hip dysplasia and her vengeance against my roommate. They adopted her a couple days later.

But I wish it was all good news. A few weeks later they decided to give Tag back to our rescue, for personal reasons that I may or may not have been able to fully agree with. Of course I wanted to take Tag back myself. It's never, at least in my opinion, good to let a dog bounce home to home, so coming back to familiar territory seemed like the best bet. After a lllllong talk with my roommates it was decided we couldn't possibly take Tag back. Although I was heartbroken, she has since found a real forever home out East where she's been completely spoiled since - Cheezewiz and all.

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