Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I already mentioned a bit about Lexi but now at least there's a picture to go with the name. She's kind of adorable right? With those giant radar ears and bull like body she was totally goofy, but in an endearing way. She was always cocking her head to the side too, like she was listening intently to what you were saying, and her ears exaggerated it. Like I said before, we got her not just because she needed a place to stay, but also because we thought she'd help Nibs, and she did her part well.

Lexi was really smart. She could escape from her kennel and even figured out how to open doors. She had crazy separation issues so her success as an escape artist was bad news. When alone she would find and destroy anything that smelt like food. This mean finding every garbage bag or bin in the house and spreading the contents out from room to room. We had her up until Christmas holidays. I had stayed in town a week or two longer then my roommates to work so it was just me, Lexi, and my foster puppy, Bruiser. Each day before work I'd take her for lllllong walks where she'd get to run and play off-leash and I'd end up carrying the fast growing puppy (who was gigantic to begin with) most the way. I'd then lock Lexi in her crate, which I had put in an empty room, and I'd shut the door behind me. Each night I'd come home to Lex greeting me at the door and a mess somewhere in the house. I'll admit to loosing my temper once or twice and I finally had one of my first moments where I thought to myself "Man I can't wait for this dog to find a home!" I tried locking the kennel with random objects I had around the house but she would figure it out. I cleaned up anything in the house that could possible be chewed but she always found something. The one  time I would be rushing and forget to close a garbage bin she'd take full advantage. While it was ridiculously frustrating she always manged to amaze me. Plus she'd make up for it with her adorable "I'm sorry, I just missed you!" face.

 The next day I came home to a torn up garbage bag that contained all the dirty wood shaving from my gerbil cage scattered across the basement and found she had also eaten an entire cinnamon scented candle that I'm still surprised she not only managed find but how she managed to get it off the dinning room table which was nearly inaccessible with all the decorations and some boxes I was bringing back home for Christmas. I finished cleaning and as if on cue I found an email in my inbox with an application for adoption. This became a weird coincidence. Every time I would honestly think to myself that I had had nearly enough, I'd get an application in my inbox right away. The families didn't always work out, but it gave me a renewed sense of hope. I had the next day off so the potential family drove two hours to meet Lexi and fell in love. When I mentioned the garbage eating and the cinnamon candle incident their reply was "Cinnamon candles smell delicious" and I knew it would be a perfect match. We decided I'd drop her off a week later on my way back home for the holidays. The drive was adorable, with the tired puppy falling asleep basically on top of Lexi the entire way. We met the new family in a parking lot off the highway and Lexi just hopped in the car without looking back. And from what I can tell from occasional updates she loves her new life and was even on the front page of a local paper! I told you she was adorable.

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