Thursday, August 4, 2011


I decided I kinda owe Cal a few fun days before I start working. Today we decided to head over the High Park and adventure to more areas then just the amazing leash free area. We saw a beautiful pond, a whole bunch of ducks, and couple swans. Soon I decided we'd make our way back over the the dog area and ran into the parks little mini zoo. The only sign I saw was "Open 7am till dusk" so I decided to head in with Callie.

We looked at some weird sheep, a couple antelope, buffalo, and some yaks. Callie was more then polite, just watching and wagging her tail. The animals couldn't have cared less. Even the yaks, who were smushed up against the fence in the shade, didn't mind when Cal got right up in their fur for a good sniff. Then we came to the Emu enclosure. The biggest bird she has ever really been close to is a goose so this was a little bit of a shock. The Emu wasn't all that thrilled either.

The emu was all:
*Note: This is a ostrige. I don't think I've ever taken a picture of a emu... It's close!
And Callie was all:

"I get to eat you, giant birdie?" 

Well, there was also a look of pure shock mixed in there somewhere, and possibly a tinge of terror when it came up to her with those beady eyes. Who could blame here, birds are obviously all the devils minions. 

We also saw some capybaras but they just kind of look like dogs so Cal really didn't see why I was so interested. They were jumping and playing in their waterhole, completely adorable. 

It was a good day, weird though. Not one child in that zoo asked or tried to pet Callie. You figure at a zoo there would be one animal loving child wanting to get her/his hands on some sort of fuzzy creature, but nope, not a one. 

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