Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And the new

So I finished all my old fosters so from this point I guess it will be more of a day-to-day thing about my new fosters or just dog junk in general. We're currently foster-less and I'm deciding what Toronto rescue I want to be apart of. I'm also considering a foster cat or more preferably for Cal's sake - raising an abandoned kitten. We're heading south in a couple weeks but I'll probably work out a foster for after that. And I cant wait. And Ryan's not impressed, of course. 

Hate's her jersey but loves supporting daddy's team!
Random topic to pass the time: We had Cal's DNA tested soon after we got her. There was a booth at a London dog themed festival and I decided it would be kind of cool to know. I mean I've had such random guesses - from an exotic New Guinea Singing Dog to a random "Mini" Ridgeback without a ridge - it would be nice to be like "No, your sooo wrong, she's a ___!" A quick cheek swab and a while later we got the results. Drum roll please......

37-74% German Shepherd Dog
20-36% Afghan Hound
10-19% German Short-haired Pointer

Yah.. Ryan thinks they just pulled names from a hat. She'd not really big enough to be any of them but I mean you can see some characteristics or each. You could really say that about any breed I guess. And the breeds listed aren't exact and could just be the closest relative on file. So I don't know maybe she's part Belgian Malinois like my neighbour thinks. A guy at the dog park swears he can see the pointer in her. Myself, I can see a bit of the hound, both appearance and personality. She has a deep chest and longish legs and a tail that curls up. Actually when we first got Callie her tail only curled a bit but over time its become a full curl as you can see in the more recent pics. She has a lot of the personality traits too. She's shy with strangers, a bit aloof, a total couch potato. I recently found a website that talks about all the weird quirky behaviour of some Afghan's:
-magical ability to steal things right under your nose (check)
-stress equals sleep and a drippy nose (check and check)
-impossible to keep off of furniture bc they seem to think it's their rightful place (check)
-will push owners out of bed (and check)

Her fur is also amazingly soft. And she totally acts like a "King of Dogs."

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